It’s A…. Gender Reveal Party

In 2012, we had a gender reveal party! It was so much fun! Of course for this party, everything was pink and blue! At the ultrasound, we had our tech write the results on a piece of paper and seal it in an envelope. That was the hardest part of the whole thing. Then, later that night we had a party for us and our family and close friends to find out! Even waiting just a few hours was so hard, so we highly recommend doing the party on the same day as you get your results! Since it was the middle of July, we had our party outside.

For the decor, we hung all our ultra sound photos on a string with clothes pin. We made an Old Wives Tale sign to help with the guessing. We wrote the girl answers in pink and the boys in blue and then we circled which one I was feeling. Then we made little blue and pink carriages from the cricut to write names down on the guess and put it under Team Pink or Team Blue.

parties and moore | gender reveal party parties and moore | gender reveal party

For the treats, we had blue and pink cupcakes made by a local bakery (Smiths, they make amazing cupcakes!) and homemade oreos, which you can find the recipe here. Seriously the best recipe for homemade oreos. I did not use the frosting recipe. I bought Pillsbury Cream Cheese Frosting, split in half and colored one half pink and the other half blue then used that for the frosting. It was very good and super easy! The drinks were pink lemonade and blue hawaiian punch in little mason jars. For a lid, we used colorful cupcake liners and put the ring back on the jar to hold it on. Then we punched holes in the middle and used pink and blue straws. Keep in mind, if you fill the drinks too full the liners will get wet and soggy and go in the drink. So don’t fill too full!

parties and moore | gender reveal party parties and moore | gender reveal party

For the reveal, my mom was the only one who knew the results, so she was in charge of getting this part ready. Earlier that day, she went and picked out a bunch of blue balloons and pink balloons at Dicks and gave them a big, thick, black garbage bag to put the balloons in. They held onto all the balloons and she said as soon as she knew the results, she would call and they would fill the color and put it in the bag. Once she got the balloons, she sealed them in a big box we painted blue and pink and decorated the outside with different size dots and the words “It’s a…”. She taped one balloon at the bottom so it wouldn’t fly away with the others when the box was opened. The night before, we also used the cricut to make a bunch of blue and pink confetti. We used the confetti inside of balloons to have out guests pop while we were opening the box. Now, keep in mind, we tried all different colors and thickness of balloons, but the only ones you couldn’t see through were black balloons.

parties and moore | gender reveal party parties and moore | gender reveal party

And the results were in! It’s a boy! We loved finding out what we were having this way. It was so fun finding out with our family and friends and having them join in on the excitement with us! If you choose to do a reveal party, make sure you have someone there who is good with a camera to capture your reactions! We only posted 2 pictures, but we have our reactions from starting to open the box to the very end. So we had like 20 pictures that told the story.


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