Burlap Wreath – Tutorial

Hello, out there! This fine evening we thought we would bring you a tutorial for a simple burlap door wreath. We recently painted our door so I needed a new wreath. We went with a bright blue door, so I needed a simple wreath that wouldn’t compete for attention.  I also only like to change out my wreaths 2 or 3 times a year so I wanted something that will look good through all seasons. After browsing pinterest for some inspiration, I knew burlap would be just the right thing. I have a love affair with burlap. I love it just about as much as I hate it. It’s hard (ish) to work with and messy. It looks amazing, has great texture, and looks so good in just about any way you can imagine. So I will still use it. Despite our love/hate relationship.

I headed to Joannes to buy a plain white foam wreath. I had a 40% off coupon so I only spent $3.50 on the wreath. I bought 2 yds of burlap (which is way more than plenty, I needed it for other projects) for just above $6. Add in a couple of glue sticks and this project was under $10. Not to shabby.

parties and moore | burlap wreath | tutorial

I cut my burlap into to strips so I could wrap it around the wreath. Do you know the trick to cutting burlap to make sure you get straight strips? Check out this awesome tutorial here.

parties and moore | burlap wreath | tutorial

I used 8 strips that were 2 inches wide each. I wrapped it twice to make sure no white was peeking out. I would hot glue at the beginning of a strip, in the middle, and at the end. I made sure to always glue on the back side so no hot glue poked out. Remember when you are using hot glue and burlap, the burlap has holes, so don’t put your fingers behind it flatten it down. A trick I did was I used a wood ruler to push against the back so I didn’t burn my fingers.

parties and moore | burlap wreath | tutorial parties and moore | burlap wreath | tutorial

After I had the whole thing wrapped, I made some burlap flowers. I kept mine the same color to keep it simple. You can find a great tutorial on how to make these here. The tutorial said to glue as you go, I found it easier to wrap it all first then glue.

parties and moore | burlap wreath | tutorial

Once I placed my flowers, I hot glued them onto the wreath and made the hanger. I tied a knot in the middle of a strip then wrapped it around to the length I wanted and of course used some hot glue to secure it.

After that, admire your handy work. And you’ll probably need to soak those fingers in cold water to heal those darn burns.

parties and moore | burlap wreath | tutorial parties and moore | burlap wreath | tutorial


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