Colored Rocks | Tutorial

We have a ton of rocks just lying around our yard. They are boring and ugly and really just get in the way of pretty flowers. One day we collected all our rocks and decided to paint them. We have so much spray paint from past projects we decided to put it to use.

This tutorial is super hard. So I hope it makes sense 😉 Gather rocks | Wash all the dirt off | Spray paint a base coat primer on (we used white) | Spray paint your colors of choice | Let dry | Place in garden, sand box, around the yard for some color, or wherever else you want. Easy, right?

parties and moore | colored rocks parties and moore | colored rocks

This is an easy way to add some cheap and easy fun to your yard! My little guy loves digging and finding them and putting them in the back of his toy truck. Even my nephews love to play and dig and find them. Hours of fun!

parties and moore | colored rocks

We would love to hear if you plan on doing this! We are thinking how fun it would be to paint some fun things on them too, lady bugs, bees, rock people, fish!


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