Sick Baby Survival Kit | Gift

Baby gifts are some of our favorite gifts to give! Especially very practical gifts and especially when it’s for a first time momma. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love giving the adorable outfits, hats, bows, shoes, and all that super cute stuff, but, we love finding and giving gifts that are super useful. The first time my baby got a fever, if it weren’t for my family giving me a sick survival kit, I wouldn’t have had anything on hand to help. I would have had to run to the store…. with a sick baby, and a first time momma dealing with a sick baby. Is that a bad combination or what?! Since then, this has been my favorite gift to give! The thing I love most about giving a Sick Baby Survival Kit is that you can cater this gift to any price range and budget! We’ve done this gift multiple times now, but I only have one picture. Taking the picture of the gift is always the hardest part!

Our items we love to include are: Tylenol or ibuprofen | Johnson’s Soothing Vapor | Pedialyte | Oragel | Teething toy | Book | Jammies | Humidifier | Thermometer | Brush and comb |

parties and moore | shower gifts | baby gift | free printable

And to complete your gift, a free printable!! Just click and save and it’s yours to use for personal use 😉  The circle border is from the amazing We Lived Happily Ever After! You can go download more borders for yourself here. Go check out her blog for more awesome graphics! Happy Gifting!

parties and moore | shower gifts | baby gift | free printable